King List


Kingship decends from heaven. Eridu (south of Ur) becomes seat of kingship.

Alulim 28,800 year reign.
Alalgar 3,600 years

Eridu abandoned, kingship moved to Badtibira

Enmenluanna reigned 43,200 years.
Dumuzi, the Shepard 36,000 years.

  Badtibira abandoned Larak

Ensipazianna 28,8000

  Kingship moves to Sippar and then 4 other cities during which time 8 kings reigned for a total of 241,200 years

The Flood

Kingship descends from heaven a 2nd time.

Kish seat.

Gaur 1200
Gulla-Nidaba-annapad 960
Palakinatim 900
Nangishlishma .. years
Bahina years
Buanum 840 years
Kalibum 960 years
Galumum 840
Zukakip 900
Atab 600
His son 840
His som 720
. 23 kings

on and on

goes up to including part of Isin Dynasty which began its rule 1950 BC.

Reigns totalling 2500+ years after the flood of the 1st two dynasties.