Ker-Xavier Roussel

Lorry-Les-Metz 10 December 1867 – 6 June 1944 L’Etang-la-Ville


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Women in the Country, circa 1894.

"A voyage to the country, where the kiss once started, never ends."

KX was compared to Pomponius Laetus, the founder of the Roman Academy in the 15th century whom was put to torture for his pagan spirit, accused of having an altar in his home on whose steps he would pray to the gods. Paganism was evident in KX’s early works; the "sparkle of his colors," he never painted drawing rooms or boudoirs like Vuillard or Bonnard respectively. He needed open air, not just gardens.

Attended the Lycee Condorcet with Vuillard and married his sister Marie in 1893.

1900 - Devoted to painting mythological scenes and departing from conventional allegory.
1905 - 1st Silenus, faithful to the subject
1913 - Designed the curtain of Theatre de Champs-Elysess



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