Paul Serusier

Paris 1863 - October 6, 1927 Morlaix (Finistere)


Le Nabi ‘a la barbe / rutilante

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The Tailsman, Landscape at the Bois d'Amour at Pont Aven, 1888, The Musee d'Orsay, Paris Washerwomen, circa 1891-2, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston The Steam, circa 1892


Serusier (S) "set in motion a general movement of protest against strict observance of Impressionist doctrines."3  

Cubism owes a debt to Serusier.

Wrote ABC de la Peinture.
Teacher at Academie Ranson.
Had a studio at Chateauneuf du Faou until his death.

Serusier said, "Art is means of communication between souls."

Was not disappointed by other Nabi in their lack of interest in the Golden Number and Canon of the human body (Beuron)

A good singer in his youth. Was in several literary and musical societies, including Euterpe. His brother was a concert performer.

Vuillard and Serusier painted decors for Lugne-Poe and the Theater d'Art.


Beautiful grays
Hot and cold palettes:
Hot – antimony yellow, the chromes, yellow ochre, brownish red (or Venetian red), burnt umber, vermilion and madder lake.
Cold – black, white, strontia yellow, the blues, the greens, and madder lake.


After the Lycee’ Condorcet S went to the Academie Julian where he became the student in charge.
He had done well at Salons previous to 1888. He then went to Pont-Aven in 1888, 89 and 90. He lived at Le Pouldu with Gauguin. Fillinger and Meyer de Haan were also there. They stayed at Marie Poupee’s Inn.

1889 - Café’ Volponi exhibit during Exposition Universalle: Gauguin and Co.
1890 - Gauguin and S back in Paris
1891 - G goes to Polynesia
1893 - Went to Italy with Bernard. Decorated his studio: carved his bed: represented birth, copulation and death.
1904 - Visits, with Denis, Verkade in Monte Cassino.
1907 - Sees Verkade in Paris along with Denis.
1895 - Tuscany and Umbria with Denis
1896 - With Denis, goes to Prague and sees Verkade.

Also traveled central Europe. Met Verkade again and became involved with aesthetics of the Abby of Beuron: Sacred Measurements and Canon. See Father Desiderius Lenz.



3)    The Nabis and their period. Charles Chasse’. Translated by Michael Bullock 1969. Lund Humphries, London. First published French 1960.