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First see the halo in ancient Iran, pre Jewish.

Emerged in Ancient Persia from Indo-Iranian or Aryan faiths.
During their exile in Babylon in the 6th Century BCE the Jewish people came in contact with Zoroasterism.

Auesta – Zoroastrian scripture


God and Satan

Angels and Demons

Heaven and Hell and Purgatory

Resurrection and everlasting life

Individual Judgement and Cosmic Last Judgement

Arrival of a Messiah

Cosmic events at end of world

Armageddon Battle followed by a millenium period

ZOROASTER  (Zardusht or Zarathustra)

Gathas – Zoroaster’s Writings

His birth is placed anywhere btw 1400 and 500 BCE and his birthplace is anywhere from East to West Iran. Besides the Gathas, other sources include ancient Greek and Islamic from 9th Century CE.